widget.NewMultiLineEntry(): How to scroll to the bottom?

I'm using widget.NewMultiLineEntry() in my GUI application to create a multi-line text entry widget. I'm looking for a way to automatically or manually scroll to the bottom of the widget whenever new content is added. How can I achieve this behavior? Is it even possible?

logsBox := widget.NewMultiLineEntry()
logsBox.Wrapping = fyne.TextTruncate
logsBox.SetPlaceHolder("Waiting for logs...")
logsBox.OnChanged = func(newMsg string) {
    // ...

logsBox.SetText("Row 1\nRow 2\nRow 3\nRow 4")
// TODO: Scroll to the bottom manually somehow?


  • Looks like we can use CursorRow property to solve this:

    focusedItem := logsWindow.Canvas().Focused()
    // If the user is not focused on the text area then scroll to the end
    if focusedItem == nil || focusedItem != logsBox {
        logsBox.CursorRow = len(logsBox.Text) - 1 // Sets the cursor to the end