Undefined constant "XML_PI_NODE" symfony

My symfony-react project was working. But I wanted to switch to typescript. And made some changes. Then i cleaned my apt list. Made apt autoremove, autoclean, etc.

And when i completely switched from js to ts, i found that my api symfony won't work. I went for /_profiler, and got this error :

Undefined constant "XML_PI_NODE"

I already tried to "sudo apt install php8.2-xml", but it still doesnt work.

I think it might be caused by my careless work with apt repo. And i can just reinstall my Ubuntu.) But I want to do this without kill everything.

Ubuntu: 20.04.5 LTS

PHP : 8.2.1

Symfony: 6.0.20


  • The problem was caused that I had version of php8.2, and removed some packages via sudo apt autoclean and sudo apt autoremove from version php8.1(what i forgot), but my nginx configuration was

    fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php/php8.1-fpm.sock;

    Then i just changed it to fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php/php8.2-fpm.sock;

    and all works