Browser also asks camera permission in ios webview

I am having a Xamarin.Forms Prism application. It is using a WKWebView in ios Project to display a web page. In that page, other than the permission from the iOS, a permission popup from browser is also being displayed. Can anybody please help me with this? This is happening only in iOS.



    This thread helped me to solve this problem. Implement a class which is inherited from WKUIDelegate.

      public class CustomWebViewDelegate : WKUIDelegate
            public override void RequestMediaCapturePermission(WKWebView webView, WKSecurityOrigin origin, WKFrameInfo frame, WKMediaCaptureType type, Action<WKPermissionDecision> decisionHandler)
                   base.RequestMediaCapturePermission(webView, origin, frame, type, decisionHandler);
                catch (Exception e)
                { }

    Add this statement in the Renderer class.

    webView.UIDelegate = new CustomWebViewDelegate();