What to do when the program executes too fast for hotspots to be found. (Intel vTune Profiler)

I am trying to profile a c application to find hotspots in the code. However, I have an issue where the program completes too fast for vTune to properly collect the data.

I can not change the original program in anyway so trying to make it take longer is not an option.

Outside of getting a worse computer is there any way or trick to get vTune to profile the program so that hotspots are displayed?

I am new to vTune so simple instructions are appreciated.

Thank you for any help!


  • If you cannot change the size of workload for the application, you can try to change following options in VTune:

    1. Set finalization mode to Full mode. VTune will load all collected samples in this mode.
    2. If you can use Sampling Driver (administrative privileges are required to install it), you can run Hotspots analysis in Hardware Event-Based Sampling mode and set a minimum value for the sampling interval: 0.01 ms. It will increase the number of collected samples during the analysis. But, it will also increase the collection overhead.

    VTune screenshot with the options to analyze small applications