Use GIMP to resize image in one layer only

This is my set up. I have 2 layers with transparency (I don't know if transparency matters here). Layers are the same size, 5x7 inches. Each layer has their image (say I draw a square on it and a circle on the other).

I want to resize ONLY the square.

The problem is when I scale the square I end up either scaling both, the circle AND the square, equally and they retain their layer size, or BOTH layers are rezise and no longer 5x7 inches. I've tried 'Tools-Transform-Scale' and 'Image-Resize canvas or image', but I can't find the tool to just resize ONE of the images.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?



  • What you want is the Scale tool, and it will resize only the active layer if it is in Scale: layer mode (you seem to have it in Scale: image mode)(*).

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    Otherwise, to clear up things:

    • Image > Canvas size changes the size of the canvas, but nothing is stretched/compressed, the layers retain their size or are extended with transparency or white.

    • Image > Scale image scales everything in the image (layers, channels, paths...)

    (*) Also,if what you apply a transform such as Scale to an item that has the chainlink, the same transform will be applied to all other chainlinked items (other layers, but also paths).

    enter image description here