How to add homepage URL to SAP business partner?

I'm working on a program witch creates Business Partners in SAP IS-U system. For the creation of business partners I use function module BAPI_ISUPARTNER_CREATEFROMDATA

I have to add homepage URL too, any idea how to do it?



  • The homepage URL is part of the business partner's communication data, which can either be part of the address data or address-independent communication.

    Look at function modules BAPI_BUPA_ADDRESS_ADD/BAPI_BUPA_ADDRESS_CHANGE for updating it with address data (table parameter BAPIADURI) or function modules BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA/BAPI_BUPA_CENTRAL_CHANGE for address-independent communication, table parameter URIADDRESSDATANONADDRESS.

    Unfortunately I do not have access to function BAPI_ISUPARTNER_CREATEFROMDATA to see if it has similar parameters.

    Whether or not it must be stored as address-dependent or independent data is a business decision.

    As an alternative, you should see whether you can update/create BPs via the BOL.