Python Loop for password

Sorry for my english but i have a question

I want to make a easy password check on python in anaconda3

Now i need a loop who finaly stopp when the password is corect, and if don't, he print "Wrong password" and ask again. That should be in the enterPasswort funtion, caus i will need it later again.

Thanks for your help :)

Maybe someone have an Idea, that the password have only five trys and than it locks for 5 minutes. No problem when no one have a answer on this, but it would be a great bonus.


  • tries = 0#this will be the counter variable that will determin how much times 
    #we tried the password
    password = input("choose a password: ")#lets user choos password
    while tries < 5:#while he tried less than five times
        sign_in = input("what is your password?")#ask the passowrd
        if sign_in == password:#if sighn in which is what user said = to password which is the passowrd say signed in
            print("signed in succesfully")
        else:#if not 
            if tries >= 4:#if he trie to much times
                print("you tried signing in to many times!")# tell him and block
            else:#if not tell him and loop goes again
                print("wrong password trie again")
                tries += 1 #or tries = tries + 1#calculte how uch he tried and loop again