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Spring Boot - Process finished with exit code 0

I've looked at various links to stackoverflow and other sites to see if anyone else faced a similar issue. I found a few but none of them had solved my problem. Tried to fiddle around with some of the answers but still nothing worked;

I've got a Spring Boot Application, and when booted up, it shows Process finished with exit code 0. I've added the necessary dependencies to allow the application to know it's a Web App but still it does not work. I've also tried cleaning + building from Maven as well as refreshing it.

Here's my Setup


enter image description here

console output enter image description here


  • Figured out the issue. For some reason, Spring Boot 3.0.0 paired with Java 17 was causing the "silent error" of exit code 0. I've changed my Spring Boot to 2.7.6, java version to 11, and SDK to 11. Everything worked fine.

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