Can powercli tell me what the VM Name is when listing network adapters for vms?

I want to get a list of VMs with a given vlan name configured so that when I am rolling back a vlan, with ACI I am certain that it is gone.

This script works, I connect to the vcenter with powercli and pass in a vlan_name:

foreach ($vm in Get-VM){
  $nic = Get-NetworkAdapter -VM $vm.name
  if ( $nic.NetworkName -eq "{{ vlan_name }}" ){
    echo $vm.name

The problem is, it is an O(n) sort of algorithm and takes a long time to run (I have thousands of VMs and hundreds of vlans)

The annoying thing is

Get-VM | Get-NetworkAdapter

lists all the vlan's quickly, but doesn't output the vm names.

Is there a way I can get the VM use by Network Adapter?


  • This PowerShell lists out the VM name, the network adapter, and the type of network it's connected.


    Get-VM | Get-NetworkAdapter | Select-Object @{N="VM";E={$_.Parent.Name}}, Name, Type; 


    Get-VM | Get-NetworkAdapter | Select-Object Parent, Name, Type;

    Sample Output

    VM                      Name                 Type
    --                      ----                 ----
    fserver3                Network adapter 1 Vmxnet3
    pserver2                Network adapter 1 Vmxnet3
    hserver2                Network adapter 1 Vmxnet3
    lserver22               Network adapter 2 Vmxnet3
    server1                 Network adapter 1 Vmxnet3
    server2                 Network adapter 1 Vmxnet3

    PowerShell (Filter Network Name)

    Get-VM | Get-NetworkAdapter | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq "vlan_name"} | Select-Object @{N="VM";E={$_.Parent.Name}},Name,Type;

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