Swift - How to set custom title in SKStoreReviewController?

enter image description here I wonder that if i can set custom title in SKStoreReviewController?
I read the apple document and search a lot in google
But I didn't find solution
What can I do if I want to implement the pop view like image above


  • No, you can't do it with SKStoreReviewController. Some apps make a custom one but can't send the ratings to the App Store.

    According to Apple Documentation:

    The SKStoreReviewController API lets you give users an easy way to provide feedback about your app. You can prompt for ratings up to three times in a 365-day period. Users will submit a rating through the standardized prompt, and can write and submit a review without leaving the app.

    It means you can only show a standardized prompt. However, you can create a custom prompt and redirect the user to your app in the app store.