Alert + ProgressView (Activity Indicator) in SwiftUI

Is there any way to add Activity View (Indicator) into SwiftUI Alert somewhere? I'm just curious because I haven't found any appropriate answer on such question. I need something like this: enter image description here

I'm using iOS 14 SwiftUI Alert with optional state that conforms to Identifiable. There was a way in UIKit UIAlertController to add subview to the alert's view. Is there some ideas on that, thanks in advance.


  • I had to something similar in an app and basically it is not possible using the native SwiftUI .alert API. You can

    • Use a custom UIAlertController
    • Make a custom overlay that does what you want

    Because of that I created CustomAlert so I can easily make alerts with custom content. It essentially recreates the alert in SwiftUI and exposes a similar API for it.

    .customAlert(isPresented: $alertShown) {
        HStack(spacing: 16) {
    } actions: {
        Button(role: .cancel) {
            // Cancel Action
        } label: {