busybox: httpd: config error 'E404:index.html' in 'httpd.conf'

I am trying to add an error page to busybox but I keep running in:

httpd: config error 'E404:index.html' in 'httpd.conf'

This is the starting point: https://github.com/lipanski/docker-static-website


  • I fixed the issue in lipanski/docker-static-website:2.1.0 and as long as you set a httpd.conf in your project root, it should work fine.

    As a general explanation, BusyBox httpd only processes the error directives for the main configuration file and rejects it anywhere else. The main configuration file is the one specified via the -c argument, as in httpd -c httpd.conf.

    For more details, check their parse_conf implementation.