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How to mix two colors in SwitUI?

I want to mix two colors in SwiftUI code. For eg: Green and Black with opacity 20%. The final color should be a mix these two colors. Is there any method other than using ZStack to achieve the same?


  • Since you are working in iOS, you can take advantage of the fact that a SwiftUI Color can be created from a UIColor.

    Using UIColor.blend from this answer you can create a blend of 2 UIColors by specifying the colors and the intensity (0.0 ... 1.0) for each. For example, to create a foreground color for Text that is 80% and 20%

    struct ContentView: View {
        var body: some View {
            Text("Hello World!")
                .foregroundColor(Color(UIColor.blend(color1: .green, intensity1: 0.8, color2: .black, intensity2: 0.2)))

    Note: Just include the UIColor extension in any file in your project. It is a good practice to give extensions their own file(s), but you can include it in the same file as your View if you want.