Customize push notification with a text, the user can choose

i want to create a push-notification out of xamarin.forms, where the user can choose the text. Like, the user want to get a reminder for something called "Dad's Birthday".

I have seen i can create push-notifications with firebase, where i can write down something, but i want the user to customize text to shown in the notification.

e.g. User opens the app, create a new reminder called "Don't forget to drink enough!", set the timer for tommorow 4pm save it and close the app. I don't want to get a notification, only shows something standard for all like 'You have a reminder.'

Maybe there are other services except firebase they can do it?

Is there any way for it?


  • For your requirement you dont have to actually use the firebase firebase messaging instead. Use local push notification , in your case that best suits your requirement. Use firebase i.e remote push notificatoin only when you want some non user of the app to send the notification to the user of the app , it may be via another app or firebase console.

    Comment from krishnaacharyaa