SKStoreProductViewController crashes for unrecognized selector named sceneDisconnected: in iOS 15.6 beta5

In iOS 15.6 beta5 and iOS 16.0 beta:

When an UISceneDidDisconnectNotification was posted, any active SKStoreProductViewController instance would crash for the unrecognized selector named sceneDisconnected.

-[SKStoreProductViewController sceneDisconnected:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x115161a00

This crash only happened in the latest iOS15.6 and iOS16 beta version. Yet I can't find the selector name in any official documents……

Any solutions? Or Is there anything I haven't done right?


  • Looks like this was fixed in the iOS 15.6 release candidate that was realeased today.

    Sept 14 2022 Update: Apple re-introduced this crash in the official 15.7 release. It only seems to happen when the app is force quit so it should not affect users. I've filed a ticket to Apple on and would encourage others to do the same.