How can disable BECKHOFF Device Manager on startup?

I'm trying to publish my HMI on CX2030, so I followed the Beckhoff site's instructions for publishing the HMI. When I turn on the PC, the BECKHOFF Device manager starts with the login page simultaneously but in different tabs. how can I fix this issue? (disable show the Beckhoff device manager on start up). Any help would be appreciated.


  • I managed it thanks to the link from Quirzo:

    1. Press start, type Run and enter regedit.

    2. (Optional) Save your current registry via File > Export.

    3. Go to Edit > Find and type localhost/config. For me the device manager was at the following location:

      registry key location of the device manager

    4. Right clikc StartSecurityWizard and select Delete.

    5. Restart the PLC and the Device Manager should no longer start automatically.