how can i increase the core quota limit on microsoft.HDInsight azure?

i created a free azure account and wanted to create a spark cluster using microsoft.HDInsight everything worked perfectly until i reached configuration + price step. i got this message. -on this screen shot-

enter image description here

"You have reached the core quota limit of your subscription in France Central. Choose another region or ask billing support to increase your limit for France Central".

i have tried changing to multiple regions but i always get the exact same message.

how can i solve that ?

i would highely appriciate any help :)


  • Azure Portal > Click on Help + support icon > create a support request:

    enter image description here

    Select your required service like HDInsight for which you want to increase the quota and Issue type is service and subscription limits (quotas)

    enter image description here

    Fill the details and submit, they will contact you over email or phone in their business working hours regarding the location and case status.

    Note: Free Trial subscriptions aren't eligible for limit or quota increases. If you have a Free Trial subscription, you can upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go subscription.

    Here is the Microsoft Documentation that shows the Services and Subscriptions Quota Limits of Azure.