Import Modules to Pyscript

When we are coding python code, we typically use packages and modules that we import. For example, when we are coding we may write:

import numpy
import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

When we are trying to integrate python with html with Pyscript (, it just says that it doesn’t have the package installed. However, when this happens in normal python we use PiP and import it from there. However, what should we do when we need a package in Pyscript?

Thank you!


  • At this time, bs4 is not supported. You will receive an error

    ValueError: Couldn't find a pure Python 3 wheel for 'bs4'

    You will also have problems using the requests package in pyscript. Usepyfetch instead of requests.get.

    To import numpy and requests, use <py-env> before <py-script>. Example:

      - numpy
    import numpy as np
    print(np.random.randn(10, 4))

    Pyscript also supports package versions:

        - numpy==1.22.3