How can I create an event from my app? - Flutter

Like this 👇 when my users create a new online appointment inside my app I want also create an event (reminder).


  • @kawan-osman Based on your image I can say that you want to add your event in the iPhone Calendar app.

    For that you should use package - https://pub.dev/packages/add_2_calendar in your Flutter Project and then check below sample code for event add.

    Add2Calendar.addEvent2Cal( Event(
          title: 'Test eventeee',
          description: 'example',
          location: 'Flutter app',
          startDate: DateTime.now(),
          endDate: DateTime.now().add(Duration(minutes: 30)),
          allDay: false,
          iosParams: IOSParams(
            reminder: Duration(minutes: 40),
          androidParams: AndroidParams(
            emailInvites: ["[email protected]"],

    For more detail check example of package link.