React Console warning --- React.createFactory()

I am facing the below warning in the console whenever my react application renders and every time the code re-renders, Can anyone help me out how to sort out this warning it would be highly appreciable.

Warning: React.createFactory() is deprecated and will be removed in a future major release. Consider using JSX or use React.createElement() directly instead.


  • Nivo currently uses recompose, and so if you're using Nivo, you will see this warning. They are aware of this warning and are actively working to fix it, but are not yet done.

    You can continue to use the code just fine, as long as you don't upgrade your version of react. createFactory still works in current versions of react, so you will not have any bugs. If you need to upgrade your version of react to a version that does not have createFactory, you will either need to wait for Nivo to update their code, or you will need to stop using Nivo.