Can you receive FCM push notification from iOS simulator?

I have recently started iOS development, and was trying to build a simple web based iOS application with push notification feature using Firebase. I have tried about 3 tutorials about sending push notifications using FCM, including the one from official document, yet I could not receive any notifications from my iOS simulator. At this point, I am wondering if iOS simulator from xcode is not capable of receiving cloud messaging.

ps. I haven't tested with physical iOS device. (I don't have one yet)


  • After Xcode 11.4 it is possible, but for firebase messaging it requires gcm.message_id value to be present. Otherwise it won't be handled by firebase SDK.

      "Simulator Target Bundle": "<your bundle>",
      "aps": {
        "badge": 0,
        "alert": {
          "title": "Test Push",
          "body": "Success! Push notification in simulator! 🎉",
          "sound": "default"
      "gcm.message_id": "123",
      "example-data-key": "example-data-value"