Where is the Visual Studio layout saved?

I am having problems with VS2008 moving the windows around and losing tabs when I close it and open again, or when I go from coding to debugging and back. (Yes, I know that it is supposed to save different layouts for coding and debugging). I have tried exporting my settings, but it informs me helpfully that

Your settings were exported, but there were some errors. Error 1: Some command bar settings were not exported correctly due to an internal error.

Importing them again gives a similar error, and doesn't solve the problem. Does anyone know where VS saves the layout info? Or how to reinitialise the layout, without changing all my other settings?


  • Some of the layout information is stored in the registry for the current user.


    If you're really having a lot of problems you can take the desperate step of deleting or renaming this key. Personally, I would rename it, start VS and see if that fixed my import export settings problem.