Convert WEBM file to WAV file with Python

I want to convert webm files to wav files with Python to analyze. Is there any simple way to do the conversion from webm to wav in Python?

I looked through all questions here and on google. I know there are some possibilities, but i can't convert the files locally with ffmpeg or convert them with the API from cloudconverter website.


  • Yes! You can do this using ffmpeg without Python, but if you want to use Python install the package MoviePy. pip install it like so:

    pip install MoviePy

    Then you can use it in your program:

    import moviepy.editor as moviepy
    clip = moviepy.VideoFileClip("in_video.webm")"out_audio.wav")

    Note: with some versions of MoviePy, you might have to use clip.write_audiofile(...) instead of