How to implement Video and/or Audio calling in React Native Expo application

I am building a react native application using Expo and i need to add audio calling and video calling functionalities, however it seems that i cant use react-native-webrtc (Link here) without ejecting Expo.

My question is there anyway i can add audio and video functionality to my application without ejecting Expo, if so how?

If it is of any help knowing what my stack is, as follows:


  1. React Native
  2. Expo
  3. Redux
  4. SocketIO


  1. NodeJS
  2. Express
  3. SocketIO
  4. MongoDB

Thank you very much in advance!


What am looking for is a way to implement it without relaying on any paid services such as Agora or Twilio

Your help is much appreciated, i have checked the expo voting poll for next features and webrtc is there, hopefully they implement it soon. so in the meantime any other approach to solving this is really appreciated.

Thank you!


  • Now as of SDK 42, Expo added the custom development clients which pretty much allows you to add any native react native library to your project so working with traditional webrtc is now possible.