Presto Superset query unable to find configuration property of new storage account

We have an Azure HDInsight cluster setup that runs Presto and Superset app connecting to it. We recently onboarded a new storage account to the cluster by updating core-site.xml, which allows us to create an external table from the Hive View.

We are able to query the external table from the new storage account in the Hive View without issue.

In the Superset app, we are able to locate the external table and see the table schema without issue.

But when trying to query the external table over the Superset app via Presto, it says presto error: Configuration property not found

Anyone know what is missing from our setup? Any advice is appreciated.

core-site.xml setting

external table query successful in Hive View

Presto not able to query the same table


  • Problem resolved. We simply need to restart the Presto.