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How can I increase the test time out value in jest?

I want to verify a function that can get update after one minute, and I set some sleep in my code, but my default time out value is 15000 ms, my code has sleep 60000ms so it returns this error:

thrown: "Exceeded timeout of 15000 ms for a test.
    Use jest.setTimeout(newTimeout) to increase the timeout value,
    if this is a long-running test."

my code is here:

it('shows that timeline can get updated after one minute', async () => {
    await selectTimeForTimeLine.selectTime('Last 5 minutes');
    await page.waitForTimeout(3000);
    const defaultTime = await alarmTimeLine.xAxisValues();
    await page.evaluate(() => {
      return new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 60000));
    const correntTime = await alarmTimeLine.xAxisValues();

Where should I put jest.setTimeOut()? I want to increase exceeded timeout value to 70000ms to make sure my code runs well.


  • To set a timeout on a single test, pass a third option to it/test, for example:

     const SECONDS = 1000;
     it('does expected thing', async () => {
     }, 70 * SECONDS);

    The value is in milliseconds. In this example 70 seconds.