RevenueCat storeProblem when trying to purchase product

I am fetching products from revenuecat there is no problem with that I can see product details from console and they are correct from Google Play Console but the problem is that (in only Android) when I try to purchase something I am getting following error:

E/[Purchases] - ERROR( 8481): 🤖‼️ Failed to launch billing intent. DebugMessage: Service connection is disconnected.. ErrorCode: SERVICE_DISCONNECTED.
E/[Purchases] - ERROR( 8481): 🤖‼️ BillingWrapper purchases failed to update: DebugMessage: Service connection is disconnected.. ErrorCode: SERVICE_DISCONNECTED.null
E/[Purchases] - ERROR( 8481): 🤖‼️ There was a problem with the Play Store.

Steps I produce:

  • I configured products on google play console
  • I connected revenuecat to google play account (it is connected)
  • enabled pub/sub api
  • created service accounts and connected them to google play and give permissions for the current app
  • entered products to revenuecat

As I said there is no problem with IOS only in Android (I can make purchase in IOS). But I can fetch them without problem I can see details. But I cannot purchase.


  • Solved problem after 2 weeks of research by removing tools:node="replace" line from the android manifest file