How to set expire time of Cookie using `ngx-cookie-service`

I am using ngx-cookie-service for my angular app. In the official docs it says I can add a third parameter for the expiration time like -

this.cookieService.set('CookieName', 'Cookie Value', 5);

The third parameter is for expire time in days. Is there any way to set the expiration time of the cookie in minutes or in an hour? IE: 30 mint or Hour.


  • If you look at the code here:

    You will see that expires is:

    Number of days until the cookies expires or an actual Date

    As such, you just need to get the current date/time and add an hour to it like so:

    const myDate: Date = new Date();
    myDate.setHours( myDate.getHours() + 1 );

    And then:

    this.cookieService.set('CookieName', 'Cookie Value', myDate);


    this.cookieService.set('CookieName', 'Cookie Value', { expires: myDate });

    Note, manipulating dates is much easier with a date manipulation library like date-fns which always returns a JS Date.

    import { addHours } from 'date-fns';
    const myDate: Date = addHours(new Date(), 1);

    Obviously you will need to ... npm install date-fns ... for this to work. For alternative date manipulation libraries search for alternatives to date-fns with npm trends. Although, in my humble opinion, I consider date-fns to be top notch.

    Docs for date-fns are here