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Filter LogCat to get only the messages from My Application in Android?

I observed that when i use Logcat with Eclipse with ADT for Android, I get messages from many other applications as well. Is there a way to filter this and show only messages from my own application only.


  • Package names are guaranteed to be unique so you can use the Log function with the tag as your package name and then filter by package name:

    NOTE: As of Build Tools 21.0.3 this will no longer work as TAGS are restricted to 23 characters or less.

    Log.<log level>("<your package name>", "message");

    adb -d logcat <your package name>:<log level> *:S

    -d denotes an actual device and -e denotes an emulator. If there's more than 1 emulator running you can use -s emulator-<emulator number> (eg, -s emulator-5558)

    Example: adb -d logcat com.example.example:I *:S

    Or if you are using System.out.print to send messages to the log you can use adb -d logcat System.out:I *:S to show only calls to System.out.

    You can find all the log levels and more info here:

    EDIT: Looks like I jumped the gun a little and just realized you were asking about logcat in Eclipse. What I posted above is for using logcat through adb from the command line. I'm not sure if the same filters transfer over into Eclipse.