How to access selenoid ui using selenoid?

Actually, I am trying to create new google profile in selenoid session and one of the ways that I found out is to use vnc to click some buttons that selenium can`t.

But when I am trying to get localhost:8080 the page doesn`t load.

So, what should I do?


  • You will have to link the selenoid and selenoid-ui containers.

    $ docker run -d         \
        --name selenoid-ui  \
        --link selenoid     \ 
        -p 8080:8080        \
        aerokube/selenoid-ui --selenoid-uri=http://selenoid:4444 

    You have to download a browser image.

    docker pull selenoid/firefox:88.0

    Also, please make sure the browsers.json file is updated.

        "firefox": {
            "default": "57.0",
            "versions": {
                "57.0": {
                    "image": "selenoid/firefox:88.0",
                    "port": "4444",
                    "path": "/wd/hub"