DockerCompose Kong with Deck installed

I'm looking into using Deck for Kong to perform synchronized migration. However, I can't seem to find a way to install Deck cli into my Kong container using docker-compose.

Is there any guide/documentation I can follow to perform such an installation?


  • I think that this can be resolved with docker container kong/deck if you will follow the below steps.

    1. write Dockerfile.deck by using kong/deck image . write wait script for the 8001 (admin) port of kong.
      . kong/deck is just a container for the cli, so you should notice that its default ENTRYPOINT is deck command, so you should reset ENTRYPOINT if you want to run wait script.
      . copy kong.yaml from local to container directory

    2. add your-deck service part to docker-compose.yml with build configuraiton of 1)
    3. run dockercompose up after build

      This will work if you want to apply the kong.yaml at deployment time.