Error "class path contains multiple slf4J bindings" when opening newly installed HDFViewer on windows 10

I have problem opening HDFViewer on win10.
I installed HDFView-3.1.2-win10_64-vs16.zip from this link: enter link description here,
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages from this link: enter link description here
and have added HDFViewer to environmental variables. "USERPATH\AppData\Local\HDF_Group\HDFView\runtime\bin"
" At the end, restarted windows; however, I still get the same error message which shows 1 seconds and disappears.

enter image description here


  • The error says what the problem is: The loader found 3 candidates for log output handlers. You need to find a way to remove 2 of them from the load path.

    The .jar files with nop in the name are no-ops, that is, they are stubs that accept method calls to log output, but they do not cause any output. The file with simple in its name actually generates log output.

    Any one of these files being present would fulfill the requirement for a logger endpoint. The loader does not know which to choose and so sits on its virtual hands and pouts.