CLion remote development - how to sync vcpkg packages?

I have a cmake project that uses vcpkg (I added vcpkg as a submodule under my repo and configured CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE to point to the vcpkg.cmake).

Now I configured CLion to connect over ssh and build remotely on a different machine, but I am not sure how I can go about telling it to sync my vcpkg folder which is outside of the CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR.

I tried also to put the vcpkg submodule in CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR (even though I would like to keep it separate) and this works, it gets synced.

I was thinking also if there is some way to control where CLion does the sync on the remote machine and I could just put vcpkg there myself (relative to the sync path) and install the needed packages, but I did not find this option either.


  • OK, I found how to set the remote for my ssh connection path:

    File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment

    So I can go myself on the remote machine, clone vcpkg relatively to the Deployment path and install all packages.

    This works well enough, I just need to make remember to install any new packages in both places.

    I found also a completely automated solution:
    From the same CLion Deployment settings, I can actually add multiple mappings so I can add an extra folder sync for my out of source vcpkg.

    At the end, I am thinking that it will be a waste for CLion to keep the whole vcpkg with all the installed packages automatically in sync when I can just sync it myself once in a blue moon when I install a new package.
    I am not sure how expensive it would be for CLion to monitor such a big folder.