how to integrate Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile with Amazon amplify services?

I am raising this to just get inputs from community if there is any lib which I can use for integrating Amazon's amplify services in KMM? Also I have searched but there is no specific SDK or lib for KMM as of now. So any input would be helpful on this.


  • The Amplify team is currently investing in Flutter as a multi-platform offering. Support for Flutter had been one of our top feature requests. Amplify Flutter became generally available as of February 15th, 2021. Amplify Flutter currently supports iOS & Android. Customers have additionally expressed interest for Flutter on the Web and on the Desktop.

    We don't currently have any plans to support Kotlin Multiplatform (or Multiplatform Mobile.) That said, we are an open source project, and love to see community contributions. You could build something on your own.

    To do so, I'd start by defining a Kotlin-language API surface for the library. You can probably use the Kotlin-language facade for the Android library as a starting point. From there, you can add platform bindings to Amplify Android, iOS, and JavaScript.

    As a final note: the Amplify products are intended as a front-end framework. Therefore, it's unlikely that we we'll ever prioritize a full multi-platform build. But if we see enough customer demand, we could potentially add more explicit support for Multiplatform Mobile.

    Source: I am an engineer on the Amplify team.