Negative condition in where clause alerted by CodeProfiler

I checked with CodeProfiler one ABAP report and I received one message regarding the negative condition in the where clause.

I don't know how I should avoid '<>' clause from where condition. I tried to remove condition from the field augbl and after SELECT statement delete unnecessary records, but I received a dump tsv_tnew_page_alloc_failed.

My idea was to find a pragma expression to skip the CodeProfiler check, but I didn't find anything.

Can you help me with pragma expression or another solution? Thank you in advance!

Source code:


  • Try this.

    Delete lt_step2 where opbel = ''.
    IF lt_step2[] is not initial.
      Select augbl as opbel gpart vkont vtref hvorg tvorg
        into lt_part
        from dfkkop
        for all entries in lt_step2
        where augbl = lt_step2-klaeb.