FAGL_ACCOUNT_ITEMS_GL_API doesn't return any data by I_POSTING_DATES range

In SE37, I am trying to execute FAGL_ACCOUNT_ITEMS_GL_API function module but in import parameters area I_POSTING_DATE is not working and output brings all records to BUDAT column although I insert 01.05.2020 - 30.05.2020. Complete input is:

  • SIGN column -->I

  • OPTION column -->BT

  • LOW column -->01.05.2020

  • HIGH column -->30.05.2020

My question is: What should be written inside of the I_POSTING_DATES column by column to get the data from ET_FAGLPOSX table as i want.

Thank you



  • The parameters of FAGL_ACCOUNT_ITEMS_GL_API reflect the ones in the selection screen of transaction code FAGLL03.

    As you can see in FAGLL03, the selection by posting date is possible only when "All items" is selected: SAP FAGLL03 selection screen

    The parameter I_KIND_OF_SELECTION of FAGL_ACCOUNT_ITEMS_GL_API corresponds to the 3 radio buttons:

    • 1 : Open items
    • 2 : Cleared items
    • 3 : All items

    The selection by posting date is possible only if you select "all items", and it's the same with FAGL_ACCOUNT_ITEMS_GL_API, the parameter I_POSTING_DATES is considered only with I_KIND_OF_SELECTION = '3'.