How to update NAV2018 with exported *.fob using command Import-NAVApplicationObject

I tried update NAV2018 using *.txt files first. But it requires some packages as for development. So i tried update NAV2018 with exported *.fob:

Import-Module "${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\RoleTailored Client\NavModelTools.ps1" -WarningAction SilentlyContinue | Out-Null

Import-NAVApplicationObject -Path D:\work\namise.fob -DatabaseName NAV2018 -LogPath D:\work -SynchronizeSchemaChanges force -Confirm:$false


But errors was shown and command was not processed succesfully. Is command Import-NAVApplicationObject ekvivalent for manual import proces? Can be used for *.fob too?

Open Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment -> Click File -> Click Import -> Select *.fob -> Message shown: The objects in D:\work\namise.fob could not be imported because there are objects already in the database with conflicting versions. Choose OK to open the Import Worksheet, or Cancel to stop the import. -> Click OK -> Click Replace All -> Click OK -> Click Synchronize Schema Force (Changed will be synchronized to the database table without validation. Data in table column that are affected by the changes will be deleted) -> Click Synchronizate changes to the corresponding tables in SQL Server Yes -> Use from select All table schema changes were synchronized with force -> Shown table where is Import completed (replaced XY) -> then restart NAV services -> Done

If is command Import-NAVApplicationObject equal to mentioned manual process. What does mean these errors? Are solvable?

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    1. Yes the comandlet is a complete copy of the manual process. It is just a wrapper that uses finsql.exe (development environment) to run the process.
    2. You need to use ImportAction parameter with value Overwrite
    3. DO NOT SYNC SCHEMA WITH FORCE. You will lose any data in the columns that has a destructive changes.

    The value for parameter you can find from autocomplete feature (Ctrl+Space) of powershell terminal or from description of finsql.exe parameters (as I mentioned the cmdlet is only wrapper around dev environment executable file).

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