RecordEditor using imports that does not exist

I'm using Record editor to generate my classes, but I have two imports that doesn't work




I'm using JRecord 0.80 and I can't upgrade to 0.90, is there any way to generate the code from Record Editor to JRecord 0.80? I think this may be the problem


  • You are likely correct, JRecordInterface1.COBOL was introduced in version 0.8?.?, so is not available in earlier versions of JRecord. It would be useful to know the actual version of JRecord being used.

    You might be able to replace JRecordInterface1.COBOL with CobolIoProvider.getInstance() in the generated code. Again CobolIoProvider.getInstance() might not be available depending on there version version of JRecord being used.

    External Templates

    You can use an external templates in the RecordEditor instead of the supplied templates.

    Template Field

    JRecord 0.80 Template

    There is a JRecord 0.80 Template at JRecord Templates

    Using JRecord 0.80 Template

    In the RecordEditor

    • Select Generate >>> Java JRecord Code for Cobol

    • Enter the Cobol Copybook and optionally the Cobol Data file. Also Select the Drop copybook names from field names option. enter image description here

    • Enter the StandardTemplate_JRecord_080 directory in the template directory field. enter image description here

    • Hit the next button to generate the template.

    Setting the JRecord Version

    There is an option on the Generate screen to set the JRecord version, the earliest version supported is 81.5. Not much use to you but may be useful for others.

    JRecord Version field