How to debug a script component in SSIS

It's simple but I can't make it work, and I read in so many places a lot of solutions but nothing worked for me. How can I accomplished this?


I put a break point in my code and ran the entire package, but it still did not work.


  • The Script component does not support the use of breakpoints. Therefore, you cannot step through your code and examine values as the package runs. You can monitor the execution of the Script component by using the following methods

    Interrupt execution and display a modal message by using the MessageBox.Show() method in the System.Windows.Forms namespace. (Remove this code after you complete the debugging process.)

    Raise events for informational messages, warnings, and errors. The FireInformation, FireWarning, and FireError methods display the event description in the Visual Studio Output window. However, the FireProgress method, the Console.Write method, and Console.WriteLine method do not display any information in the Output window. Messages from the FireProgress event appear on the Progress tab of SSIS Designer.