Leaflet map in ionic show always show itineray, show:false doesnt work

I'm working with a map, drawing a route between two points, using Ionic Cordova. Everything works fine except I can't hide itinerary (directions given by gps) and in small smartphones itinerary doesn't let user interacts with map. I googled examples but I see no diference with my code.

        this.localizacion = resp.coords;
        this.posicion = [this.localizacion.latitude, this.localizacion.longitude]; ='map', {
          center: this.posicion,
          zoom: 16
        leaflet.tileLayer("http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png", {
          attribution: '© Código 200'
        let control = leaflet.Routing.control({
            waypoints: [
                leaflet.latLng(this.localizacion.latitude, this.localizacion.longitude),
                leaflet.latLng(result[0].latitude, result[0].longitude)
            routeWhileDragging: true, 
            show: false

        let markerGroup = leaflet.featureGroup();
        let marker: any = leaflet.marker(;
        let marker2: any = leaflet.marker(this.posicion);

Could anyone told me if I did something wrong?? or another way to hide itinerary


  • Well, I could fix it mixing online css feaflet use and a customized css into my project where I added the show:fakse and all what i needed.