Value...should NOT have additional properties

In my ESLint configuration file (eslintrc.json), I have the following rule:

// ...
"no-underscore-dangle": [
    "enforceInMethodNames": true,
    "allowFunctionParams": false
// ...

Contrary to what the documentation seems to suggest, it causes the following error:

Error: .eslintrc.json:
        Configuration for rule "no-underscore-dangle" is invalid:
        Value {"enforceInMethodNames":true,"allowFunctionParams":false,"allowAfterThis":false,"allowAfterSuper":false,"allowAfterThisConstructor":false} should NOT have additional properties.

If I strip the rule from its options, I do NOT get any error: "no-underscore-dangle": "error". I would prefer to use those two options. What am I missing? Any ideas?

ESLint version: 7.6.0
Node version: 12.17.0


  • I updated ESLint to 7.10.0 and now the error is gone:

    npm i -D eslint