How do I rebuild Coral mendel with a devicetree modification?

I'm trying to modify the devicetree on my Coral SoM to support a different DSI display, and could use some pointers.

I edited arch/arm64/boot/dts/freescale/fsl-imx8mq-phanbell.dts then used 'm' to make all


  1. What is the correct way to modify the devicetree, build and load it to the board!?



  • can you give a little more details on the changes? You can definitely do it that way, and I believe you don't need to rebuilt the entire OS, just the kernel is fine:

    $ m docker-linux-imx
    $ cd ./out/product/packages/bsp
    $ scp ./linux-image-4.14.98-imx_11–4_arm64.deb mendel@board-ip
    $ ssh mendel@board-ip
    $ sudo dpkg -i ./linux-image-4.14.98-imx_11–4_arm64.deb

    Another way is to create a device tree overlays. For instance here is a dts for disabling the hdmi:

    You can then compile it and move it to /boot:

    $ dtc -@ -I dts -O dtb -o disable-hdmi.dtbo disable_hdmi.dts
    $ sudo mv disable-hdmi.dtbo /boot

    Then add the file to /boot/overlays.txt to apply it:

    $ cat /boot/overlays.txt 
    # List of device tree overlays to load. Format: overlay=<dtbo name, no extenstion> <dtbo2> ...
    overlay= disable-hdmi