Windows notification with button using python

I need to make a program that alerts me with a windows notification, and I found out that this can be simply done with the following code.

I don't care what library I use

from win10toast import ToastNotifier
toast = ToastNotifier()

This code gives that following alert

enter image description here

However, I want there to be a button on the notification so I can click it and it will lead me to a url.

enter image description here

Like this example.

Is this possible?

I just found this website about toast contents can anyone help me use this with python?


  • This type of behavior is not supported in the currently released version of Windows-10-Toast-Notifications. However, a contributor created a pull request that adds functionality for a callback_on_click parameter that will call a function when the notification is clicked.

    This has yet to be merged into the master branch, and given how long it's been since the library has been updated, I wouldn't count on it happening anytime soon. However, you can still install this modified version of the library to make use of this feature:

    • First, you'll need to uninstall the current version of win10toast from your environment (e.g., pip uninstall win10toast).
    • Next, you'll need to install the modified version (e.g., pip install git+

    Then, you can create a toast like this:

    toast.show_toast(title="Notification", msg="Hello, there!", callback_on_click=your_callback_function)

    A complete working example:

    from win10toast import Toast
    toast = ToastNotifier()
    toast.show_toast(title="Notification", msg="Hello, there!", callback_on_click=lambda: print("Clicked!"))

    When you click on the notification, you should see "Clicked!" appear in the Python console.

    Important: This will only work if you're using the modified version of the library I mentioned above. Otherwise you will get the error: TypeError: show_toast() got an unexpected keyword argument 'callback_on_click'.