Keras model taking too long to train

So I have the following model for sentiment analysis (using pre trained word embeddings):
enter image description here
And as visible, I have a pre trained embedding matrix and only about 500k trainable parameters. So why does it take a whole eternity to train this model? The batch size is 128 and number of epochs is 25. And the ETA for first epoch is about 10 minutes. I haven't even completed that.

Just to mention, I am not using CUDA or anything. I don't think I have a GPU enabled Tensorflow. And I'm willing to do anything to increase the speed. And I have Tensorflow 2.1.0.


  • And here's the answer I am not using CUDA or anything. Training on CPU is much slower than on GPU. If you don't have high-performance enough video card, you can use several services such as Google Colab or Kaggle