How do I delete all Git branches which have been merged?

How do I delete branches which have already been merged? Can I delete them all at once, instead of deleting each branch one-by-one?


  • NOTE: You can add other branches to exclude like master and dev if your workflow has those as a possible ancestor. Usually I branch off of a "sprint-start" tag and master, dev and qa are not ancestors.

    First, list locally-tracking branches that were merged in remote (consider using -r flag to list all remote-tracking branches).

    git branch --merged

    You might see few branches you don't want to remove. We can add few arguments to skip important branches that we don't want to delete like master or a develop. The following command will skip master branch and anything that has dev in it.

    git branch --merged| grep -Ev "(^\*|master|main|dev)"

    If you want to skip, you can add it to the egrep command like the following. The branch skip_branch_name will not be deleted.

    git branch --merged| grep -Ev "(^\*|master|main|dev|skip_branch_name)"

    To delete all local branches that are already merged into the currently checked out branch:

    git branch --merged | grep -Ev "(^\*|master|main|dev)" | xargs git branch -d

    You can see that master and dev are excluded in case they are an ancestor.

    You can delete a merged local branch with:

    git branch -d branchname

    If it's not merged, use:

    git branch -D branchname

    To delete it from the remote use:

    git push --delete origin branchname
    git push origin :branchname    # for really old git

    Once you delete the branch from the remote, you can prune to get rid of remote tracking branches with:

    git remote prune origin

    or prune individual remote tracking branches, as the other answer suggests, with:

    git branch -dr branchname