Execute Hana stored proc with input parameters in ssrs

I cannot seem to get a HANA Stored Procedure to work with input parameters in SSRS by passing parameters via CALL:

Actuaaly my problem is either SSRS or the ODBC driver is having a problem sending/receiving the parameter value.

Other attempts at syntax: call "sp_getdata"() , call "sp_getdata"(?) , call "sp_getdata"(regid) , call "sp_getdata"(@regid)

None of these worked.

If I call the procedure with a hard coded value i.e. call "sp_getdata"(5) - it works.

Again, if the stored procedure has no parameters it works fine.

Can anyone give me any real direction on this issue. A sample of the correct syntax or a step by step example would really be appreciated.


  • Create the syntax in the Dataset Expression from the Parameter instead of letting SSRS insert the parameter call "sp_getdata"(?)

    Use the Expression in the Dataset's Command Text box.

    ="Call " & CHR(34) & "sp_getdata" & CHR(34) & "(" & Parameters!REG_ID.Value & ")"

    The resulting text passed to the server would be (with X for the number):

    Call "sp_getdata"(x)

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