Python & MS Word: Convert .doc to .docx?

I found several questions that were similar to mine, but none of the answers came close to what I need.

Specifications: I'm working with Python 3 and do not have MS Word. My programming machine is running OS X and cloud machine is linux/ubuntu too.

I'm using python-docx to extract values from a .doc file that is sent to me nightly. However, python-docx only works with .docx files, so I need to convert the file to that extension first.

So, I've got a .doc file that I need to convert to .docx. This script might have to run in the cloud so I can't install any kind of Office or Office-like software. Can this be done?


  • You are working with Linux/ubuntu, you can use LibreOffice’s inbuilt converter.


    lowriter --convert-to docx *.doc

    #Example #

    lowriter --convert-to docx testdoc.doc

    This will convert all doc files to docx and save in the same folder itself.