How to merge test report of elixir umbrella app?

We have an elixir umbrella app with 2 child apps. Currently we get 2 test reports as there are 2 child apps. Is there a way to merge the results into one?

Current report:

Finished in 1.4 seconds
5 tests, 0 failures, 1 excluded
Finished in 0.5 seconds
2 tests, 0 failures

Expected report:

Finished in 1.9 seconds
7 tests, 0 failures, 1 excluded


  • AFAIK there is no built-in way to merge results from different umbrella applications into one report. However you can write custom reporter that will output results of all tests into shared file(s) and then display report using such file. Alternatively you can use some kind of pipeline tool that would gather tests results and then result with one, joined result. You could look for example for TAP output format for that.