Test data management solution for Oracle, DB2 and HANA

I have 3 different databases (Oracle, HANA, DB2). I would like to implement data masking on Oracle database, since the data is flowing to SAP and DB2.

How can I solve this issue?

Data in Oracle is compared with DB2 and HANA, and say for example if I mask first name in Oracle then the same will not be masked at HANA and DB2. So is there a way to unmask and send data to downstream systems?


  • Generally the task can be solved by vendor's tools like IBM Optim Data Privacy. Such tools provide the capabilities for consistent masking, e.g. same input produce the same masked output, provided equivalent algorithms and parameters.

    Probably by saying SAP you mean SAP HANA. This can be a bit tricky, due to missing SQL compatibility and lack of integration, but anyway this is doable too with the very same tools - just a bit more work to implement.