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How to get MIME-TYPE from Base 64 String?

I am getting base64 for string from backend and i am then decoding it in Javascript to show on browser.

This string can be any file .pdf, .img, .docx, .zip etc.

My base64 string does not include the mime-type for example 'data:application/pdf;base64' part. So i need to get mime type of base64.

Is there any way to solve this solution with Javascript or Jquery?


  • You can use magic numbers to detect a MIME type (check here the list of file signatures). However, file signatures are not 100% reliable and you can easily encounter false positives. Of course, there are tasks when a such solution is more than enough.

    So if you have a Base64 string and want to identify its MIME type using file signatures you don't need to decode the Base64. A much faster way is to store the file signatures as Base64 and just check if input starts with one of them. A simple example:

    var signatures = {
      JVBERi0: "application/pdf",
      R0lGODdh: "image/gif",
      R0lGODlh: "image/gif",
      iVBORw0KGgo: "image/png",
      "/9j/": "image/jpg"
    function detectMimeType(b64) {
      for (var s in signatures) {
        if (b64.indexOf(s) === 0) {
          return signatures[s];
    // Some tests